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​Printing runs in the Markham family 

Rich printing history 

     The rich printing history started with Dan Markham, Sr. who became a partner in 1929 of The Independent-Register in Brodhead, WI.  Dan Sr. graduated with a Linotype Degree, Chicago, IL.  Mr. Markham later married Mary Earleywine.  They had two children, Danny Markham, Jr. and Richard Markham.   Danny, Jr. pursude a degree in economics at UW-Madison and married Helen Gerber and joined the family business as Editor of The Independent-Register after graduating from UW-M.  Danny & Helen had five children.  The Gerber family was well-known for their rich cheesemaking history in Green County, near the New Glarus area.  

     Richard (Dick) Markham joined the forces.  After serving in the military, Dick joined The Independent-Register heading up the printing department.  He married and had six children.  Dan Sr., Danny Jr., and Dick formed a newpaper printing plant called Dairyland Press along with the Evansville Review, Edgerton Reporter, and the Associated Publishers (The Volunteer, Durand, IL).  Dairyland Press was the second newpaper group to own an offset newspaper press in the state of Wisconsin which was innovative amongst the dailies and weeklies in the area.  In 1964, Markhams took a leap of faith and bought the Apco building at 922 W. Exchange St. which had a full basement for newspaper roll storage with a freight elevator.


     In 1977, Kim Markham, Danny Jr.'s eldest son joined the family business as the Dairyland Press' Production Manager.  Kim married Kathy Porterfield and they have two daughters, Emily and Angie.  In 1996 Kim purchased The Independent-Register.  In 2008, he sold the newspaper and changed the buxiness name to the Register Print Center.  On December 31, 2015 Kim Markham expanded the business by purchasing Monroe Graphics.  Kim and his staff look forward to provide high quality printing to Monroe, Brodhead, and the state line area.

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